Partnering in


Development and

Value Creation

Company Profile

For more than 25 years, professionals at FOXKISER have provided strategic advice and counsel to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.  During that time, the firm has been involved in more than 100 product approval and life cycle management projects, through which it has earned a reputation for creativity and success.  During the past five years FOXKISER has built on its long and successful track record in counseling companies by moving into development and company formation whereby FOXKISER—with its subsidiaries, affiliates, and third parties—is identifying, financing and managing cutting-edge innovation.

Our Work

FOXKISER’s project work falls into three general categories: (1) Advisory Services; (2) Long-Term Partnerships; and (3) New Company Formation. We support all of our project work with a talented, multi-disciplinary team of professionals and welcome opportunities to partner with individuals and organizations who understand science and innovation and are dedicated to commercializing important technologies and improving public health.